SuperGroup™ - a closer look

Our creative exercises ignite a variety of thought-centres - the different ways each of us think, feel, process, and create. During the session, the client teams interact with specially recruited and trained creative consumers, experts and/or Future Shapers who act as a catalyst to the process allowing you to look at things in a new way. The winning ideas are turned into sharply honed concepts that are relevant, differentiated and exciting.

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Day 1

Creative Divergence

  • Experiential approach that sparks creative energy through highly-engaging activities in the strategy and Innovation Launch Pad (ILP)
  • Customized creative exercises that stimulate a variety of thought-centres
  • A collaborative environment with diverse participants to ignite creative productivity
  • Fast-pace, fun, and inspirational!

Day 2

Convergence and Idea Building

  • Strategically converge and select ideas against predefined selection material
  • Fit with strategy and objectives
  • Relevant, differentiated, and exciting!
  • Consider time to market, brand fit, and feasibility/meet capabilities
  • Strengthen high-priority ideas
  • Create preliminary concepts [name, insights, benefits and Reason To Believe (RTB)] with hand drawn visuals

Output: a pipeline of ideas, for both immediate and ongoing development together with sharply honed preliminary concepts that are aligned with strategic objectives.