NeedScope™ - a closer look

Three elements form the foundation of NeedScope and make the system uniquely able to measure and understand emotion. These can be combined in a myriad of ways to answer questions on brand strategy, brand equity, innovation and tactical brand management.

Consumer-Brand Relationship Model

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Consumer needs are complex and multi-layered. Functional needs sit on the surface but emotive needs lie at the core. All layers of brand image, from the product through to the brand symbolism, must be managed so they are internally consistent.

Psychological Framework

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At the heart of NeedScope is a psychological model that summarizes universal human emotions. The NeedScope model is based on the theory of Archetypes – instinctual patterns of emotive behaviour which are common to everyone, everywhere. Using the symbolic language of archetypes, brands can build strong emotively-based relationships.

Projective Approach

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The NeedScope projective photosets and collages access the emotive layer by allowing respondents to project their emotions through other people. Based around the NeedScope archetypal model, they are more powerful than traditional projective tools.